Develop New Year Safety and Occupational Habits

My favorite New Year’s resolution is to do less stupid stuff than I did last year. Seriously, each year about 50% of us in the United States will make a New Year’s resolutions. Some of the more common resolutions include losing weight, spending more time with family, saving more money, and taking time for you. How many of us will actually keep that resolution? Less than 10% actually keep their New Year’s resolution. This year I recommend making a Safety and Healthy New Year Habits, not resolutions. Here are some New Year Habits for the home:

  • I resolve to wear my seatbelt every time I am in a vehicle.
  • I resolve to put my child in an approved child safety seat before any vehicle trip.
  • I resolve to put all medicines and poisons in high cabinets or place child safety locks on cabinet doors.
  • I resolve to not drink and drive, even if I have to walk home.
  • I resolve to serve as the designated drivers whenever necessary to save a family member or friend’s life.
  • I resolve not to mow with sandals on.
  • I resolve to always wear hearing protection when mowing.

Here are some New Year Habits for work:

  • I resolve to wear personal protective equipment when required.
  • I resolve to speak up when I see a coworker performing unsafely.
  • I resolve to report unsafe and unhealthful working conditions to my supervisor.
  • I resolve to report all accidents to my supervisor.
  • I resolve to report all injuries to my supervisor.
  • I resolve to go home each day in the same condition I arrived at work.

Here are some New Year Habits for supervisors and managers:

  • I resolve to provide adequate personal protective equipment and training on its use to all my direct reports.
  • I resolve to take action to correct unsafe and unhealthy work conditions.
  • I resolve to investigate accidents and injuries to determine root cause.
  • I resolve to correct root causes found by accident investigations.
  • I resolve to send every employee reporting directly to me home each day in the same condition they arrived at work.

Maybe you have your own habits. Either way, if you would like to develop safety and occupational health habits in your workplace in 2016 I suggest you get the book “How to Build Work Teams Habits: Improve your Customer Experience, Increase Efficiency, and Enjoy Better Business Results” by Kyle Havill. This book effectively outlines the process to implement habit forming in teams. The book is very detailed and gives a lot of valuable information. Take this opportunity to make those new habits.

About Fred Fanning Author

Fred Fanning currently writes biweekly on his blog His published works include the peer-reviewed book Basic Safety Administration-A Handbook for the New Safety Specialist. Fred also authored two editions of the peer-reviewed chapter Safety Training and Documentation Principles that was published in the bestselling Safety Professional Handbook and the Safety Professional Handbook Management Applications. He coauthored the peer-reviewed chapter Safety Training with Christine Fiori, Ph.D., PE, published in the bestselling Construction Safety Management and Engineering, second edition edited by Darryl C. Hill, Ph.D., CSP. Fred also has several self-published books. He has a series called Fred’s Safety Shorts. This is a collection of twelve books on topics related to safety published with Kindle Direct Publishing. Fred self-published another six books using both CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform and Kindle Direct Publishing. He has authored fifty-eight articles in various publications on the topics of safety and health and project management. Fred has earned several writing awards for his non-fiction work. Fred has two novels A Walk Among the Dead and Mystery at Devil’s Elbow.
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