Why Use a Professional Editor?

I hear this question a lot. Over the years, I have changed my mind from not wanting a professional editor to not wanting to publish something without a professional editors review. My change came about from reading a lot of books and homework that were not professionally edited and seeing how many of them had mistakes in them.

I asked the authors of those books if they had paid an editor. Each one said no. Their reason was that they didn’t think they needed it. I then explained that the errors in their work made their book less professional. I have also read a lot of work submitted by college students who are not allowed to hire an editor, but achieve the same result. Their work had a lot of errors that took away from their grade. My point is we all make mistake in writing.

To test my theory I sent some of my old work through an editor. She found a lot of mistakes. In some cases, I had read the work a half dozen times. What I didn’t realize was that I was reading the work as it was in my mind. That included mistakes. I was reading right past them.

Now I pay an editor for all of my prose. I am continuing to go through my old work until I get it all professionally edited. Why? Because I want to be proud of the work I do. I cannot in good conscious be proud of something that might contain errors. To answer the title question, I use a professional editor to make my work the best it can be.


About Fred Fanning Author

Fred Fanning spent over 20 years in the safety profession. His final safety position was as the Director of Occupational Safety and Health for the U.S. Department of Commerce. He began writing in 1994, published his first book in 1998, and began writing professionally in 2015. He has authored and coauthored articles, written books, and chapters for technical books and stories for anthologies.
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