Do writers need social media?

For years I have heard that a writer must participate in social media to be successful. By successful, the people meant to sell books. Well, I have tried social media for over five years now as a writer and have found a few things out.

I didn’t have any luck selling books through LinkedIn, that I could confirm. However, I was able to give away a lot of books. I also got a lot of hits to my blog from LinkedIn. I have never sold a book or given one away through Pinterest. I tried what people suggested and just haven’t gotten anywhere. I have deactivated my Pinterest account.

I have had some success with a Facebook fan page. I can tie the book sells back to posts that I have boosted. I have also gotten a lot of hits on my blog from Facebook. I have the same experience with Twitter. I have a lot of followers and get responses from my tweets. I have also had good results from Goodreads. I have used the giveaway program twice with limited success. I have gotten the most reviews from Goodreads. I have had good and bad results from my blog. Sometimes I get a lot of looks, but I can’t say anyone has bought a book because of my blog.

That is my experience. I am sure it is different that yours.  I can say that social media has helped me sell books. The books that I have sold were not financially worth the effort it takes to stay active in social media. Five years in and I am still trying to find my niche in social media. I am looking for a positive return on investment. I haven’t found it. Do writers need to participate in social media to sell their books? I don’t know the answer to that, but I still think trying social media is definitely a must.




About Fred Fanning Author

Fred Fanning spent over 20 years in the safety profession. His final safety position was as the Director of Occupational Safety and Health for the U.S. Department of Commerce. He began writing in 1994, published his first book in 1998, and began writing professionally in 2015. He has authored and coauthored articles, written books, and chapters for technical books and stories for anthologies.
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