Halloween Safety

As the big spooky day approaches and you gather your costumes and treats, don’t forget to complete a Halloween safety check.  Start your trick-or-treating tradition off on the right track with these tips, and the worst danger you face will be a stomachache from eating too much candy!

Accompany your child while trick-or-treating to significantly reduce the risk of possible danger.

Well-lit streets in neighborhoods that you know provide the best trick-or-treat route.

Choose a costume with reflective or fluorescent colors to make your child more visible.

Use light colored trick-or-treat bags to make children more visible in the dark.

Give your child a flashlight to play with so she can see and be seen.

Check all candy and throw away suspicious ones.

Buy only flame-resistant costumes, masks, and other Halloween gear.

Don’t use oversized clothing; it is not safe.

Purchase a mask that allows your child to see clearly with it in place before.

Tell your kids not to:

  • accept rides from strangers
  • accept treats from persons in a car
  • take shortcuts through alleys, parks, or backyards
  • never go into a stranger’s home

Following these simple tips can help you have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.


About Fred Fanning Author

Fred Fanning currently writes biweekly on his blog fredefanningauthor.com. His published works include the peer-reviewed book Basic Safety Administration-A Handbook for the New Safety Specialist. Fred also authored two editions of the peer-reviewed chapter Safety Training and Documentation Principles that was published in the bestselling Safety Professional Handbook and the Safety Professional Handbook Management Applications. He coauthored the peer-reviewed chapter Safety Training with Christine Fiori, Ph.D., PE, published in the bestselling Construction Safety Management and Engineering, second edition edited by Darryl C. Hill, Ph.D., CSP. Fred also has several self-published books. He has a series called Fred’s Safety Shorts. This is a collection of twelve books on topics related to safety published with Kindle Direct Publishing. Fred self-published another six books using both CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform and Kindle Direct Publishing. He has authored fifty-eight articles in various publications on the topics of safety and health and project management. Fred has earned several writing awards for his non-fiction work. Fred has two novels A Walk Among the Dead and Mystery at Devil’s Elbow.
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