I worked for over 20 years as a Safety Professional. My last safety position was the Director of Occupational Safety and Health for the US Department of Commerce. I am now retired and write bi-weekly on my blog fredefanningauthor.com. I also write safety books. My published work includes the peer-reviewed book Basic Safety Administration-A Handbook for the New Safety Specialist. I also authored two editions of the peer-reviewed chapter Safety Training and Documentation Principles that was published in the best-selling Safety Professional Handbook and the Safety Professional Handbook Management Applications. I co-authored the peer-reviewed chapter Safety Training with Christine Fiori, Ph.D., PE, published in the best-selling Construction Safety Management and Engineering, second edition edited by Darryl C. Hill, Ph.D., CSP.

I also have self-published books. My series Fred’s Safety Shorts is a collection of books on topics related to safety in the Kindle format. My series Management Shorts is a collection of books on topics related to leadership and management in the Kindle format. I also have another six books on safety in paperback and Kindle format as well as nearly fifty articles in various publications all on safety and occupational health.

I have two novels published. My first A Walk Among the Dead and my second  Mystery at Devil’s Elbow.  You can get more information about these books at the Other Books tab above.

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  1. Dennis Schellingberger says:

    Good morning Mr. Fanning. I am contacting you in regards to a long time friend Dennis Woolsey who had mentioned you when I visited him in the hospital. He was diagnosed with leukemia about 6 weeks ago and is now at his home in Lebanon, MO receiving hospice care. As he has been reflecting on his life and career, he mentioned some of the people he has served with and asked me to reach out to you. Thank you for your time.
    I see you have written for the Engineer and Army Chemical Review professional bulletins. I work for the publications office here at Fort Leonard Wood, laying out and designing the Military Police and Army Chemical Review publications.


    • Fred Fanning Author says:

      Thanks for reaching out. Yes, I have spoken to Dennis on the phone. It is a very sad time for him and his family. Yes, I like those bulletins they have a lot of information and are done very well. My son works at Fort Leonard Wood in the weapons shop. Thanks again for reaching out I really appreciate your message.


  2. Julie K. Johnston, Psy.D. says:


    Good morning. So your next book is about Devils Elbow…I can’t wait. I have my very first memory there when Vicki took me there and I was introduced to a shady character who educated me on the art of tattoos. It was very enlightening.



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